Welcome to Destiny Changers Education Group

DESTINY CHANGERS EDUCATION GROUP was formed in 2012 with the intention of playing a role in education at all levels in the private schooling environment. The approach is based on the fundamental principle of teaching excellence, leading to the development of learners who are highly competitive and in demand in the workplace after completion of their school careers. The aim is to empower our learners to be able to further their careers with studies at tertiary institutions.

DESTINY CHANGERS EDUCATION GROUP is committed to furthering the quality of education in South Africa by facilitating learning through excellent, innovative and challenging teaching strategies.

DESTINY CHANGERS EDUCATION GROUP recognises that people are unique and strives to accommodate individual needs and aspirations. DESTINY CHANGERS EDUCATION GROUP encourages learners to claim their education, to seek knowledge from their teachers, lecturers and tutors and expects that learners demand the best of themselves to achieve their full potential.

DESTINY CHANGERS EDUCATION GROUP is committed to providing superior academic programmes and education to learners and is renowned for its stimulating teaching environment and approachable academic and support staff.

Daily Delivery Goal of Destiny Changers Education Group

To positively and meaningfully influence the future lives and careers of the Destiny Changers Education Group’s learners and students through our highest quality and specifically focused educational programmes and developmental solutions in an atmosphere of “familiness”.

Our Core Being (our purpose of existing):

We develop our learners and students to the maximum of their potential through our educational programmes and solutions. (Academically, emotionally and “life and professional skills”). This is achieved by applying the following qualities: